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Things to do in Miami

Top Asian Restaurants

We all know by now the difference between a two dollar all-you-can-eat “asian” restaurant and quality Asian cuisine. There are many restaurants that claim to serve Chinese or Japanese foods and yet we see pizza and frenchfries as the main dish.
The following are some of the top quality Asian restaurants located in or around Miami.

Sushi Square- Specializing in delicious Sushi combinations
Located on 7244 Biscayne Blvd  Miami,FL 33138
Reservation only required on weekends call (305)754-3100 for more info.

Tamarind- Named “Best Thai Restaurant” by the Miami New Times
Located on 946 Normandy Drive Miami Beach,FL
Call (305)861-6222 for more information

Fu Manchu- A very simple yet delicious Chinese restaurant
Located on 325  71st Street Miami Beach,FL
Call (305)866-4303 for more information

Emerald Coast- Florida’s Largest Asian Buffet
16850 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles
Call (305)787-1530

That is just a gist of the quality Asian restaurants you can find in and
around the Miami area.


Restaurant Review

A Taste of Brazil Right here in Miami< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Brazilians are known for their beautiful women, beautiful beaches and the carnival. However, what most people don’t know is that < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Brazil has an exquisite culinary. It varies from sea food, rice and beans or meat, a lot of meat! Churrascaria Rodizio restaurants are very popular in Brazil; they are Steakhouses that serve all you can eat meat on skewers flit. The waiters go from table to table slicing it to order different types of meats until you can’t take it anymore. Meat lovers will have a perfect opportunity to experience many different types of meat


Porcao Steakhouse, located at 801 Brickell Bay Drive in Miami is an excellent example of an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria. It has a diversified salad bar that serves not only salads, but hot entrees and sushi as well. The side dishes are also typical Brazilian specialties and can be ordered at the table. Porcao serves a variety of drinks from all over the world, but of course since you are going to a Brazilian restaurant, Brazilian drinks are a must. A traditional drink from Brazil is ‘caipirinha’, it’s is made out of cachaca, a Brazilian liquor similar to vodka, lime, sugar and ice. It’s very popular among Brazilians and really anybody who tries it.


The restaurant also offers an extended desert menu with specialties made of Brazil’s tropical and exotic fruits. Porcao’s price range is about $40.00 and it’s worth every penny! When you leave the restaurant you are completed satisfied and with a taste of Brazil. The restaurant is beautiful and with a nice view of the Bay, turning your dinner into a pleasant experience.



Miami’s Ladies Night No Cover Free Drinks

Monday nights are the best ladies night because it includes dinner at one of the hottest most exclusive Clubs On Miami beach. BED’s, Located on 929 Washington Avenue, dinner starts at 10:00 pm, it is encouraged to get there early, because the girls line the door. after dinner is over the clubing begins! for information  or to get your name on the list, call 305-534-9909

Wednesday’s Ladies night is Held at Hooligans pub and oyster bar, it’s located at 9555 South dixie highway, Not far from Us’1 and Kendall Intersection.

Thursday’s Ladies night is at Sunset Tavern Located a couple blocks from Sunset place, right next to Bottoms up off of US.1 and Sunset. (72st) Ladies night is till 11.pm with no cover.

if you’d like to stay on the beach, Automatic Slims is the place to be 1216 Washington Ave. Ladies drink free all night long!!!!!!!! Once again absolutely no cover!!!


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